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School Management System Software (ERP Solution)

The company provided a customer with real facilities and best technologies, innovations and established a long-term relationship with our customers. Our product school management system provides for customer satisfaction.


The company provides global service. Developers hired in a product of school management system that how to use our product in natural methods. As you know that the educational organisation has ERP (Enterprise resource planning systems) very expensive, which cannot afford. Therefore, our product school management system provides different objectives.

Also, School management system (SMS) is an ERP based product used to maintain data on student, teacher, parents, staff, attendance. It provides a useful facility automated updated invoice bill, student record and other features with saving time.

Our company provides customers with online and offline software facility with great features. This software can easily use for customers because The School Management System generates hundred per cent (100%) usable & affordable (ERP) Software. We have to include the scientific approach that user experience to make much usable, and user can take the benefits of a tool in every time.

CORE MODULES OF School Management System :

  • Student.
  • Teacher.
  • Parent.
  • Academic (Class, Subject, Section, Syllabus, Assignment, Routine).
  • Attendance (Student attendance and Teacher Attendance.
  • Exam (Exam schedule, Grade, Exam attendance).
  • Mark (Mark show percentage / Mark sheet).
  • Account (Invoice, Payment history, Expense).
  • Holiday, Events.
  • Report (Student report, teacher report, attendance report and other).

Our product was usable for all kinds of Schools, Colleges, and  Institutes.


Dashboard :

school management system dashboard

In the panel, display all students, parents, teachers, subjects record. Also, Account summary appears in this section and also allow admin to download that record in the image as like (PNG, JPG, etc. formats).  Include admin record on the dashboard with a small description like (image, Username Email, etc.). The calendar will appear the events, holidays, and notice about an exam or anything which you want to display in the timeline via date. It will show information in month, day, weak.

Students :

school management system student

In the students, the column shows separate steps and the several objects.

  • List of students.
  • Total student record can view.
  • Add students.
  • Student’s name appears with roll numbers and pictures.
  • You can save the full report about students with parents.
  • While the head can print in (COPY, Excel, CSV, PDF) files.

Parents :

school management system parents

As you know, that guardians are the most critical objective. Administrator notifies parents about as well as a reputation of the student. Similarly, below information :

  • Easily print a report for parents. So you can type name in the search box and quickly locate them.
  • Add parents.
  • The administrator can edit any profiles students, parents, teachers.
  • Similarly, you can print any files (Excel, COPY, CSV, PDF) of student reports.

Teachers :

As well as, that the teacher is a most critical profession and backbone of the study.

school management system teacher

Some features are as below.

  • The list was exposing the names of all teachers.
  • About the teacher.
  • Add teacher.
  • You can also find in a specified way with names in the search box.
  • Any data can print in files (Excel, COPY, CSV, PDF) of teachers.

Academic :

school management system teacher

Also, Academic which shows a different list related to any class, subjects, section, syllabus, assignments, and class routine.

Classes :

school management system class

  • Display all records.
  • An administrator can set class schedule.
  • Add classes.
  • Edit and delete options are included.
  • While you can print any information about the class (Excel, COPY, CSV, PDF).


Subjects :

school management system subjects -

The subject is the most important relationship between students and teachers, and each subject has own respect. We include some essential features and research, but this method is straightforward to understand user/administrator. Some features are as bellows.

  • First of all, show the option of adding a subject
  • Secondly, on page show all subjects’ names with the teacher’s name
  • Similarly, on this page show final marks and pass marks
  • For example, if you want that how many subjects in class 2 so you select classes and select them and view subjects
  • Similarly, any edit/change subjects or subject wise teacher replacing so edit button available on this page
  • You can find any topic through subject code (type code in a search box).


school management system sections -

school management system sections –

Everyone knows that a class has different parts (a, b, c, d). Admin can easily be managed the section of every level with student names.

  • Appear category, section, capacity, teacher name.
  • Regular search can find students record with class selection.
  • Able to print any files format in the type of (Excel, COPY, CSV, PDF).


school management system syllabus -

school management system syllabus –

The administrator can easily be prepared syllabus by saving time on software.

  • Show syllabus with description, Title, Date of issue and more features include.
  • Able to print syllabus in any file format (Excel, COPY, CSV, PDF)

Assignment :

school management system assignment -

school management system assignment –

The administrator can easily prepare an assignment for every class with a particular task.

Routine :

school management system routine -

school management system routine –

This section display everyday class routine that when it will start or end.

Attendance :

school management system attendance -

school management system attendance –

In attendance, the administrator can easily view student and teacher attendance.

Exam :

In exam show date of reviews with exam names while the administrator can modify exam date and other features.

Grades :

school management system exam grade -

The grades will appear in mark sheet when the subject marks relate their numbers.

Exam Attendance :

school management system exam attendance - ITworld

Exam attendance means that the student either available in paper or not.

Marksheet :

school management system marksheet

Its essential feature of marks which show a result of students with complete reports.

Available print option.

Accounts :

school management system accounting

An account is maintained very important for every institution. Admin can view information about every expense, income, student fee, teacher salary, etc. which include different features and receptionist after fees submit can give the invoice to parent with all records.

Reports :

school management system attendance report - itworld

The report includes student, teacher, and attendance report with complete descriptions and can print on any files (Excel, COPY, CSV, PDF).

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Password : 123456

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